Unique, handmade wood '5th wedding anniversary' gifts. Unique wood vases, decorative wooden boxes, and unusual wood clocks for 5 year anniversary gifts that will last for many anniversaries to come.
Unique, Wood '5th Wedding Anniversary' Gifts

There are many websites that go into the history of wedding anniversary gifts, but it appears it all began in Germany for the 25th & 50th anniversaries - then the next to come about was our favorite - the Fifth (5th) Anniversary - Gifts of Wood.

Traditional U.S. Wedding Anniversary Gifts

While materials associated with various wedding anniversary gifts vary depending on the year and the country, the below years are common to most - including the United States.

5th Wedding Anniversary - Wood/Wooden
10th Wedding Anniversary - Tin/Aluminum
15th Wedding Anniversary - Crystal
20th Wedding Anniversary - China
25th Wedding Anniversary - Silver
30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl
40th Wedding Anniversary - Ruby
50th Wedding Anniversary - Gold
75th Wedding Anniversary - Diamond

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
For the 5 Year Anniversary - make the gifts Wooden

I have been unable to find exactly why wood was chosen as the material for 5th Anniversary gifts, but personally feel that original, handmade wood / wooden gifts are perfect for any anniversary or any occasion (but we are somewhat bias).

Wood is warm and can go with any home decor, whether traditional or contemporary; and all the different types of wood complement each other, naturally, Wood has timeless appeal, enduring beauty, and will never go out-of-style. Wood comes in many natural colors and textures and each piece has its own unique characteristics. Wood is versatile with unlimited creative possibilities. And custom, handmade wood gifts can be personalized for the gift recipient.

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Unique, handmade wood vases & bowls are perfect for 5th anniversary gifts. Give her flowers in a personalized wood vase. 5 year wedding anniversary - make it wood. Fifth (5th) Wedding Anniversary Gifts
- Decorative Wood Flower Vases -

Roses are common gifts for all anniversaries. For that 5 year anniversary - how about, including a handmade, decorative wood flower vase to go along with those roses - something that will last for many anniversaries. We have wood vases to hold dried or silk flowers, but also wood vases with water tubes to hold fresh flowers. A perfect 5th Anniversary Gift - a wonderful bouquet of roses (fresh or silk) presented in their own decorative wood vase.

Unique, handmade decorative wooden gift/keepsake boxes make wonderful 5th anniversary gifts - beautiful gifts themselves, but also a unique way to present those other anniversary gifts. Fifth (5th) Wedding Anniversary Gifts
- Wood Keepsake or Gift Boxes -

Handmade, decorative wooden gift or keepsake/memory boxes make wonderful anniversary gifts themselves, but are also a unique way to present that 'other' gift - especially for that 5 year anniversary. Made of solid hard-wood, all of our wooden boxes have unique box-joint corners - which can add a subtle or dramatic decorative accent. A unique 5th Anniversary Gift - handmade (original or personalized) wooden gift or keepsake boxes.

Unique, handmade wood clocks make beautiful yet practical wedding anniversary gifts - for the 5th or any anniversary - that will be appreciated for many anniversaires to come. Fifth (5th) Wedding Anniversary Gifts
- Unique Handmade Wood Clocks -

Desk, mantel and wall clocks make functional gifts anytime, but unique, handmade WOOD clocks make beautiful yet practical anniversary gifts for that 5 year anniversary, that will be appreciated for many years to come. Our standard types of wood are Oak, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Hickory and Cherry, but other types of wood (including exotic) are available to personalize your anniversary gift.

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